3 Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches and a lot of sunshine all year out. We are going to look at 3 amazing facts about Puerto Rico as we take fascinating insights into it. They are as follows:

(i)Puerto Rico is not a country

Puerto Rico was conquered by the Americans from Spanish in the year 1898. Its flag was designed in 1895 whereby and looks like that for Cuba only that the colors are reversed. In 1952 its flag was changed a bit from light blue to dark blue.

Despite Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States of America, it can be classified as more of an independent country. When it comes to games, Puerto Rico athletes compete using Puerto Rico name and flag such as in games like Olympics. In the Olympics, they’ve won eight medals, have win two winners in miss universe competition.

(ii)Puerto Rico has very famous people

Puerto Rico has some famous people in the fields of athletes, and Oscar winners as well. Some of Oscar winners include:

•    Benicio Del Toro

Was an actor who won Academy Award, Golden Award, and BAFTA Award. He was born in 1967. He played movies like License to Kill, The Indian Runner, as well as China Moon. Toro also has  Spanish citizenship given due to his artistic skills. He has an honorary degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.
Other celebrities include Jose Ferrer, Roberto Clemente, as well as Rita Moreno.
Some of the famous musicians include:

•    Jennifer Lopez

She was born in 1969. She is a dancer, singer, fashion designer, producer, as well as a businesswoman. Lopez ventured using Latin pop music into the music industry in 1999. She has released several music albums such as J to that ‘L-O! The Remixes’, as well as album ‘This is Me…Then’. She is viewed as the most influential performer in the United States from Latin America. 
Lopez began her career in 1991. In 2012, Lopez was a judge at a talent show called the eleventh season. She is regarded as an icon all over the world due to her performance.

(iii)Puerto Rico has beautiful mountains, beaches, valleys, and bioluminescent bays

Puerto Rico has a varying geographical layout where tourists can visit caves, mountains, dry forests, dry forests, beaches as well as lakes in other regions. All these places are near to each other such that will take you a few hours to get there. This means that you can go to the mountains and go to the beaches to enjoy yourself later – read article on puerto rico travel ideas.

Thousands of dinoflagellates are contained in waters located at Mosquito Bay and Fajardo bay. Dinoflagellates make water glow due to movement. These creatures are so attractive to tourist since water lights up when you are swimming especially at night due to these microorganisms.

Cockfighting is a celebrated sport in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is made up of more than one Island namely:
•    The Spanish Virgin Islands
•     Puerto Rico island of Mona